Starting to Blog

I approach this new undertaking with both trepidation and excitement. I admit to being intimidated by the new media for communications and social networking. As a digital immigrant, I am learning not only a new language but a new way of thinking. At the same time I am excited about the possibilities for sharing my thoughts, ideas, experience and hopes with an expanded audience. As the pastor of a wonderful Presbyterian church in Graham, Texas, I get the privilege of sharing the Gospel each Sunday. I continue to be humbled that people actually listen to what I say. I know they listen because they respond with questions, affirmations and challenges. Now, I get to expand the number of people who will consider what I have to say. That’s exciting.

As I have been thinking about the word “blog,” I immediately recall a horror movie from the 1950s called “The Blob.” Those of us old enough to have seen the original, remember the plot. Space ooze has come to earth, and it begins to absorb anything it touches. Was it a metaphor for the Communist threat during the heightened fear of the Cold War, or the McCarthyism that arose to defeat this threat? Either way it was a threatening menace to the world.

Have blogs become a similar threat to sane discourse about the great issues of our day? Do they threaten to absorb rational thought into a gooey mess of opinions and misinformation? Are there too many blogs out there, and am I simply adding to the information overload that can leave us paralyzed? I remember someone once said about a very famous contemporary theologian that “he never had an unpublished thought.” My professor in seminary used to remark about the “publish or perish” mentality of academia that too many of the books being written had very little substance. We would all be better served by more restraint in publishing and more careful editing of what is published. Does that apply to blogs as well?

Still, a blog is a convenient way to communicate with a large number of people. As I present myself as a candidate to be the moderator of the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), I need to let commissioners know what I’m thinking and what they will get if they elect me. So, here goes my first, real, thought through, written and scary blog post. Would that it not become just another bad horror movie remake.


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